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0712 flag pakistanSectarian violence in Karachi is just another chapter in Pakistan’s long history of violence against minorities, has afflicted Pakistan virtually from its moment of birth...


U.S. allies in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, smiling through their teeth, are feverishly hoping that Washington will maintain its security commitments. The Russians are ... . . ..   


A US revaluation of its Af-Pak policy appears likely under Trump... It is, however, unlikely that US AfPak policy under Trump will be ‘more of the same’. Crucially, Pakistan’s role in supporting terrorism in Afghanistan . . .


Escalation of hostility may become a thermonuclear WWIII.


Non-Muslims in violent conflict areas to enhance the security...


With approval of power plants, conflicts have arisen ...


Growing support for suicide terrorism


Floppy Disks and Windows XP Power U.S., U.K. and

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Seven other countries Nuclear Weapons Technology

By Aamna Mohdin – Quartz

There are nine countries that have nuclear weapons, which have been upgraded in devastation since they were first used in anger by the Americans in World War II. The tech that powers them, not so much.

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Bush Administration Nuclear Policy

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Enabled India’s H-bomb Program

By Russ Wellen - Foreign Policy in Focus

In December, the Center for Public Integrity published an investigative report by Adrian Levy titled Experts worry that India is creating new fuel for an arsenal of H-bombs. It was also published in Foreign Policy with the more alarming title India Is Building a Top-Secret Nuclear City to Produce Thermonuclear Weapons, Experts Say.

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Pakistan Has Around 130 Nuclear Warheads

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To deter an Indian military attack: US report

By Abdus Sattar Ghazali

Pakistan's nuclear warheads which are estimated to be between 110-130 are aimed at dissuading India from taking military action against it, a US Congressional report says.

Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal is widely regarded as designed to dissuade India from taking military action against Pakistan, the report said adding: "but Islamabad’s expansion of its nuclear arsenal, development of new types of nuclear weapons, and adoption of a doctrine called “full spectrum deterrence” have led some observers to express concern about an increased risk of nuclear conflict between Pakistan and India, which also continues to expand its nuclear arsenal."

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Europe Demands ‘A Greater Role for Nuclear Weapons’

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By Richard Palmer - The Trumpet

Europe wants to improve its use of nuclear power in response to Russia’s invasion of Georgia and Ukraine. Russia has paired its increased aggression and buildup of conventional forces with an expanded nuclear program, and Europe—especially Eastern Europe—is getting scared.

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Muslim World: The Leaders Who Could Not Lead

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By Mahboob A Khawaja

The entire Muslim world is engaged in self-destructive conflicts. Unwarranted wars and sectarian bloodbaths are the order of the day, so unparallel in contemporary history. You wonder, what are they fighting for? Who are the real warriors fighting for human freedom and justice and who are the hired culprits to prolong proxy wars for other hegemonic powers? Both the US and Russia are competing for hegemonic strategic influence, increased sales of weaponry and to acquire direct control over the natural resources of Arab Middle East. West Europeans - the former lords of colonialism prefer their own strategic priorities wherever they could find a gap between the two competing superpowers. People are not the aim for mind control but victims of the interventionist policies and raging wars.

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Syrian Crisis: Geopolitical Roots, Rise of ISIS & Ramifications

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For West Asia, India And The World

By Feroze Mithiborwala

A talk by Feroze Mithiborwala, a Mumbai-based peace activist who has visited Syria thrice in the past three years.

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U.S. and Allies Appoint Bin Laden Admirer

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Zahran Alloush as Negotiator in Syria “Peace Talks”

By Eric Zuesse – Global Research

On January 25th, which was the date when peace talks on Syria were to start, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry insisted that the organization founded by Osama bin Laden admirer, Zahran Alloush, represent the anti-Assad forces in the upcoming Syrian peace talks, and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov very reluctantly accepted.

Alloush had founded and led the jihadist organization, Jaysh al-Islam.

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Multilateral Diplomacy Triumphs: Sanctions Against Iran Are Lifted

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By Jaya Ramachandran | IDN-InDepthNews Analysis

Political will and multilateral diplomacy marked a milestone as U.S. President Barack Obama revoked a 20-year system of sanctions against Iran and Federica Mogherini, the European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs and a Council member of the Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament (PNND), announced the lifting of EU economic blockade against Tehran on January 16.

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New Gateway for India and Afghanistan: Iran's Chabahar Port

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“Mistreatment of Afghan businesspeople by Pakistanis has made them complain.” This story has been covered by Afghan media time and time again, but they have no choice. Afghanistan is a landlocked country with no access to free waters and Karachi port in Pakistan is the sole route for Afghans through which they can engage in trade with the rest of the world.

Therefore, Afghan officials have reached the conclusion that in cooperation with India, they must go for Iran's south-eastern Chabahar port, which can offer a good substitute for Karachi port. This issue was one of the main reasons behind a three-day trip to Iran early January by Afghanistan’s chief executive officer, Abdullah Abdullah.

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Indo-Pak Diplomacy: Distortionists and Distorians...

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Shouldn't be Allowed to Dictate

By Prabhu Chawla

Distortions and disinformation are the spicy ingredients, which define Indian diplomacy today. In the past, ideological conviction anointed with commercial interests would dictate the direction of diplomatic engagement. But now the two Ds of diplomacy—Distortionists and Distorians (DDs), sorry, I mean historians—have taken upon themselves to influence the Indo-Pak dialogue process.

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Peace is A Long Shot in Afghanistan, But Well Worth Trying

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By Jonathan Power

The so-called Quadrilateral Coordination Group – comprising representatives from Afghanistan, Pakistan, China and the U.S. – met in Kabul on January 18 to hold discussions on a roadmap to peace in Afghanistan.

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