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0712 flag pakistanSectarian violence in Karachi is just another chapter in Pakistan’s long history of violence against minorities, has afflicted Pakistan virtually from its moment of birth...


U.S. allies in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, smiling through their teeth, are feverishly hoping that Washington will maintain its security commitments. The Russians are ... . . ..   


A US revaluation of its Af-Pak policy appears likely under Trump... It is, however, unlikely that US AfPak policy under Trump will be ‘more of the same’. Crucially, Pakistan’s role in supporting terrorism in Afghanistan . . .


Escalation of hostility may become a thermonuclear WWIII.


Non-Muslims in violent conflict areas to enhance the security...


With approval of power plants, conflicts have arisen ...


Growing support for suicide terrorism


Myanmar: Aiding Kachin State Entails Great Personal Risk

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By Sushetha Gopallawa*

While in Myanmar's Kachin State in May, I visited a number of displacement camps around and I also met with Kachin community-based organizations (CBOs) who deliver aid in both government and non-government controlled areas.


Nepal’s Political Crisis Paralyzes Economy

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By Aru Pande

Five years after Nepal abolished the monarchy and become a democratic republic, the Himalayan country remains at the center of a political crisis, with elections now postponed to November.  The political instability has affected Nepal's economy and people's faith in the country's future.


NEPAL: News Briefs

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CDC consults 17 political parties to delimit 240 constituencies: The Constituency Delimitation Commission (CDC) on July 1 held an interaction with representatives of 17 political parties represented in the previous Constituent Assembly (CA) to delimit 240 constituencies. Majority of the participants of the interaction emphasized that the CDC should be able to come up with scientific delimitation of the constituencies based on population. The CDC, which started its works nearly two weeks after it was formed on June 13, is scheduled to consult the experts on July 3. Nepal News, June 25, 2013.


Karachi: Continuing Carnage

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By Anurag Tripathi
Research Associate; Institute for Conflict Management

A bomb attack targeting a Sindh High Court judge on June 26, 2013, killed at least 10 persons, including two Rangers, six Policemen and the driver of the judge’s car, and injured another 15, including the judge, near Burns Road in Karachi, the provincial capital of Sindh Province. The intended target of the terrorists was senior Sindh High Court judge, Justice Maqbool Baqar, who was on his way to the Court along with an escort of four Rangers on two motorcycles and two Police vehicles.


Can Sharif Pull Pakistan Out Of Terrorism Quicksand?

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By Gul Jammas Hussain *

Since 2001, when Islamabad joined Washington’s war on terror against Pashtuns in Afghanistan, Pakistan has been sinking into the quicksand of extremism and terrorism.

The U.S. war caused numerous civilian causalities in the Pashtun areas of Afghanistan which kindled sentiments of revenge in the hearts of Pashtun fighters in the tribal areas of Pakistan that border Afghanistan.


'War Crimes' Wrangle Ignores Lankan Tamils' Challenge to India

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By Shastri Ramachandran*

Some five weeks after the foreign policy fiasco on the US-sponsored resolution against Sri Lanka in the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) – which earned the Congress-led UPA government the hostility of all sections in Sri Lanka and the Tamil political parties in India – New Delhi seems to have gone back to sleep on the issue.


Sri Lanka: Disabling Devolution

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By S. Binodkumar Singh
Research Associate, Institute for Conflict Managemen

On June 13, 2013, the Sri Lanka Cabinet approved two changes in the 13th Amendment to the Constitution. The first of these was to remove the provision for two or more Provinces to join together;  the second did away with the requirement that the consent of all Provincial Councils be obtained if there is to be constitutional change that impacts upon the Provincial Councils; the latter  was a safeguard to prevent the Central Government from legislating on subjects allocated to the Provincial Councils, without first obtaining their consent.


PAKISTAN: News Briefs

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22 civilians and 10 SFs among 33 persons killed during the week in Sindh: At least five persons, including a worker of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) and a Policeman, were killed in separate incidents in Karachi (Karachi District), the provincial capital of Sindh, on June 30.


SRI LANKA: News Briefs

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APRC will be basis for PSC process, says President Mahinda Rajapaksa: President Mahinda Rajapaksa on June 26 said the basis of the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) process would be the recommendations of the All Party Representatives Committee (APRC) headed by Tissa Vitharana. The APRC, formed on July 11, 2006, was boycotted by the United National Party (UNP) and the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP). The final report of the committee was presented to the President on August 16, 2009, with none of the proposals being implemented thus far. Daily Mirror, June 27, 2013.


Is the Global Recovery In Train?

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By Peter G Hall *
Vice-President and Chief Economist Export Development Canada

Railroads and modern Canadian history are inextricably linked. They were an essential economic development tool, getting people in and products out. We are still highly dependent on these same rail networks to get Canadian products to international destinations. Global hunger for Canadian resources has increased the demands on our infrastructure, and in recent years, its limits have been tested. If the world is on the verge of a US-led recovery, can our rail systems handle the growth?


VIEWPOINT: The Fascist State Of America

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By Dr. Glen Barry *

“We the People" are not enemies of the state and deserve and need to know what our government is doing. The truth matters – particularly when human freedom is at stake, and our shared environment is collapsing, with both at risk of being lost forever. America’s civil liberties have been trampled on, and sadly, most don’t seem to care, failing to understand the full implications of big brother’s ascendancy. Defending freedom from government tyranny is not a left-or-right, conservative-or-liberal matter; it is the difference between right and wrong, truth and lies, liberty and enslavement, life and death.


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