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Her Majesty’s special representative The Lord Lieutenant of Greater London
Sir David Brewer CMG, JP, presenting a third Queen's Award for
Enterprise in International Trade to Dr. Rami Ranger MBE, FRSA Chairman, Sun Mark Ltd.


Rashida Chapti

Indian Couple Challenges British Immigration Law


British Indian Rami Ranger's Sun Mark Wins a Third Queens Award


For the third time in a row, British Indian Dr. Rami Ranger's Sun Mark was awarded Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth's coveted award for business, the Queens Award for Enterprise 2011. It is an exceptional achievement by any company to win such a prestigious award and that too for a third consecutive year 2009, 2010 and 2011.


This extremely rare accomplishment is the culmination of great effort, organization, and vision by the company which was founded and is led by Dr Ranger MBE FRSA, who has taken the company, in just 15 years, from a start-up business to one which is now recognized all over the world.


This Queens Award for Enterprise symbolizes the strength and credibility of the company, its positive contribution to the British economyand that it is amongst the best of British companies. The company's sales continue to grow despite the global downturncaused by the financial meltdown. The company's turnover grew by over 35% last year and is fast approaching £150 millionand continuing to grow at 30% even now. It is a considerable achievement by any standard, especially when the company's business has been affected by the events in countries such as Libya, Bahrain and Egypt.


The company exports British supermarket products to over 90 countries with staggering results and market penetration. Needless to say, due to its export activities, it not only generates wealth and employment for Britain directly, but also helps other British companies grow which are connected with its export activities like transport, shipping and manufacturing. It is fair to state that Sun Mark is an engine of growth for many other British businesses. This year Sun Mark was added to the prestigious Sunday Times Profit Track 100 emphasizing the company's contribution to the British Exchequer in terms of profitability and taxes.


As Managing Director, Dr. Ranger MBE, is optimistic that his company, which is a leading force in exports, will continue to drive hard and be a recipient for many more such awards for sustainable growth and for excellence. He said that the third award recognizes the company's ethos of hard work, ethical practices and above all empathy for others.


Indian Couple Challenges British Immigration Law


An Indian woman who lives in Britain and wants her husband to join her there cannot do so because a new immigration law requires him to speak English. The couple has now challenged the law in court.   


British citizen Rashida Chapti, 54, applied for her husband Vali Chapti, 57, to join her in Britain. The couple have been married for 37 years and has six children together. Vali Chapti is an Indian national and does not speak, read or write English. They have now challenged the rule at a court in Birmingham. They said the law "contravenes their rights to a family life, their right to marry and constitutes discrimination", according to UK's Daily Mail newspaper.


Rashida Chapti has been travelling between India and Leicester for 15 years.


The rule came into force in November 2010. It says English language is a primary requirement for migrants applying to come or stay in Britain as a spouse.


Manjit Gill, representing the couple, told the Birmingham court the requirement was a breach of their human rights. He said it contravenes several articles of the European Convention on Human Rights - including the right to family life, the right to marry, and to be free of discrimination.


[Sources: GOPIO News]


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