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The Declaration of Independence 

U.S.A. Independence Day: July 2 or July 4?


Trick question: When did the U.S. declare its independence from Great Britain? Incorrect answer: July 4, 1776. Correct answer: July 2, 1776.

Reason: The delegates voted for independence on July 2; therefore, independence was effective immediately. However, the documentation had to be formalized, which took 2 more days. It was publicized on July 4, which became the traditional date for observing independence. Yes, on July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress approved a formal Declaration of Independence, drafted by Thomas Jefferson and other committee members. This is the first document representing some unity among The US (the first time this name is formally used) and July 4 is the traditional date for celebrating the independence of the U.S.A.


It is one thing to declare independence and another thing to achieve it, since Great Britain considered this act just one of many in its rebellious colonies that had to be supressed. A long and bloody war was waged before the U.S. was able to defeat the British in a final victory in 1781. The Peace Treaty of 1783 between the two countries officially made the U.S. independent in fact.

On July 2, 1776, the Continental Congress, the informal governing body among the 13 rebellious British colonies, approved a “Resolution of Independence” introduced on June 7 by delegate Richard Henry Lee of Virginia. At this time, from the American point of view, the 13 colonies ceased to exist; that is, they were then 13 independent (sovereign) nations. However, Great Britain continued to view them as rebellious colonies and attempted unsuccessfully during the next five years to subdue them with force.

US patriotism, as in other countries, runs from one extreme to another among its citizens; that is from fervent nationalism to utter apathy. Patriotism in the US reaches a high level during a time of war, such as what we have seen in Iraq today, although there are many US critics of this war, especially when the US is not winning.

Nevertheless, for the next few days there will be millions of flags and buntings displayed all around the US. This week, many TV channels show many old war movies. Because of the Iraq war, many autos have been displaying the yellow ribbon stickers with the slogan,”Support the troops” for many months, but they become more convincing on July 4.

However, some Americans are opposing the Iraq and Afaganistan war.

Independence day and love of the nation is important in a democracy. Since many Americans had strong beliefs, independence day is necessary to protect American values.

Independence day makes the country strong and safer. The connection between Independence Day and the nation is that they use the values.


Kamala Sarup is a regular contributor to UPI- Asia News. Her specialties are in-depth reporting and writing stories on peace and anti-war issues, women, terrorism, democracy and development. Some of her publications include: Women’s Empowerment in South Asia, Nepal;Prevention of Trafficking in Women Through Media; Efforts to Prevent Trafficking in for Media Activism. She has also written two collections of stories. E Mail : kamala28@gmail.com . This article was first published in Daily News Monitoring Service. 



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