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Bold Beauties go after title

(L to R) Usma Ali, Ayesha Gilani, Yusra Mumtaz

Ayesha Gilani: 
7th Annual Miss Pakistan World 2009 

(with photos by Joseph Lau)

Beautiful smiles, gorgeous outfits and amazing talent: it was an evening of glamour, excitement and fun at the Miss Pakistan World pageant 2009, held at the Lotus Convention Centre on June 27th 2009.


Ayesha Gilani, 27 from Washington DC, representing Lahore, Pakistan was given the title of Miss Pakistan World 2009.


Ayesha Gilani, a confident and intelligent girl, was very happy to win the title. She believes that a Pakistani woman of today, is one who is bold, compassionate, respected and very motivated. She would like to give this message forward to show the world that Pakistani women are independent and how they have progressed over time.


The highlight of the evening was the participation of six beautiful finalists from the UK, USA, Canada and Scotland competing for what has become the most controversial crown in the pageant world and looking forward to make their dreams come true.


Special guests at the evening included, amongst others, Ms Pakistan world 2004 Batool Cheema, Mrs Pakistan World 2009 Sana Mustaq, and Miss Pakistan World 2008 Natasha Paracha. 


The Master of ceremonies for the evening was Fenulla Jiwani, artistic director, writer, producer, dancer, singer, choreographer, make up artist and an actor for theatre film.


The evening started with the finalists wearing beautiful black gowns and a wonderful opening dance introducing them. The second round included traditional Pakistani outfits, worn by the beautiful ladies designed by the one and only Dinesh Ramsey himself. The show continued with a talent show, here the contestant showed there innovative and creative talent by doing many acts, such as belly dancing and playing the piano.


The night also featured a lot of entertainment some of the highlights included Qissmett a Chicago based band. Asad Khan and Shobe Khan take South Asian music to a new level with their English and Urdu Pop mix, they have also performed with Amitab Bachan opening the unforgettable tour in Chicago. Dance group “Adje” from Toronto was absolutely phenomenal ballet dancing to Pakistani music. 


Abinta Muttreja (2nd from right) with Award winners

With Sonia Ahmed (center)

The event continued with a delicious dinner served by Nawab cuisine and continued with the evening gown round followed by the question answer period, where the judges asked the questions.


The three finalists were Yusra Mumtaz who became the second runner up, Usma Ali who was the first runner up and the lady to take home the crown that night Ayesha Gilani.


There were other awards presented to the contestants. The Millennium Printing Mills Miss Congeniality was given to the winner herself Ayesha Galani, Sahara One Miss Talent was presented to Yusra Mumtaz, Ms. Photogenic to Usma Ali and Ms. Perfect Ten to Naila Mir Afzal Khan.


The panel of judges included Nyla Hasan, founder of Global Image Strategies she is an Image-Etiquette-Communication Consultant, Melanie Davis a civil litigation lawyer, Raj Sharma owner designer of Raj and Meera Jewellers, Rakesh Sharma a real estate broker since 2004 and Kishore Patel an immigration law specialist. 

Behind the scenes of all this is the brain defining beauty and elegance in her own creative manner Sonia Ahmed President of Miss Pakistan World. Congratulations to Sonia and her team for a job well. Sonia continues to express the bright future of women and is focusing on any projects internationally and in Canada for women to express their ability and talent within the Pakistani Community.


Sonia says, “Our slogan used to be: Celebrate the woman in you!! and after a long thought process, I have decided to change it to, ‘Hope for a Modern Pakistan!’ Till Pakistan becomes modern, I guess this will remain!!"  



Abinta Muttreja is currently working as Finical Advisor in a Bank. She holds a diploma in Fashion Management along with a B. Com Honors degree, with a Major in Marketing and Minor in Communications. Her hobbies include singing and she was a winner in Desi Idol 2004. She is also a Yoga teacher and has recently acquired Masters with Swami Ram Dev Ji in Haridwar.


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