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Glimpses | March 2008



For want of some truth, have some emotions!


Black and white, austere looking men make desperate attempts at thanking everyone with the bottom of their hearts with "Just wanna say...incredible family, my wonderful family and crew...a sense of deep thanks"; straight gowned, religiously sincere and "Blimey! Overwhelmed by the moment..." women stride
with a great sense of pride and respect as the coveted statuette passes from hand to hand at the annual academy of greats and greats...but, the loss of the moment of truth to a scintillatingly, cultivated series of emotions and values emerging from the celluloid of art, cinema or written fiction carries also with it a sense of light hearted banter and no serious offence to the genuinely deserving contenders of upkeepers of truth, unlike...
Oh, for a moment of truth!
Whereas, both are industries, the movie industry and the political industry, the political industry, hereinafter identified and referred to as politicians, has an obligation to perform for the electorate, hereinafter identified and referred to as public, and therefore, cannot seek refuge in carefully cultivated make ups of lies or corrupt practices unlike the world of celluloid even though, it is quite apparent that both the industries depend upon increasingly sophisticated techniques at lies.
It is truly a fully developed environment, where it is almost informally, legally accepted that the moment of truth should not be expected in the world of politics and therefore, no real breakthrough for the poor and the down-trodden and the world passes, callously, millions of needy and beseeching eyes, in a blitz of steely reds and colored purples! Desperate eyes, at times, beseeching and at other times, hopeless, stretch their arms to find that one supreme being, who shall relieve them of their misery and show them the golden life of happiness, contentment and prosperity! Read below and you will know, immediately, whether the Superman will arrive or not!
8000 crores of rupees are expected to be reserved for railway pension fund in the forthcoming pay commision for those people, (in realistic terms, without any offence to their hard work), who successfuly worked for the Indian Railways for over 30 years without attempting to generate a single rupee of profit! It is only since 2004-5 that Indian Railways has reported profit, publicly.
Oh, for a moment of truth!
I had a couple of 50 paise coins (which I detested when the cab driver, the previous day, handed to me), and when an old couple begged for alms at a traffic light, in Mumbai, I looked away into the oblivion of traffic, stuffing my detest for the clinking, "cheap" coins in a huff of honour, weighed by a conflict of "No, begging is not permitted" and "How many alms can I truly give and how many men to?" !
Princess like strutted the young girl of about 4 years in a shining, blue salwar kameez - strutting proudly for that one moment of rich glory, at 7:00 AM on a cold morning - without a thought to not having had breakfast and possibly, no sight or knowledge of lunch!
But, what was I doing, smoking in the balcony, waiting for the cigarette to burn away when all it required was the courage to walk down and hand a bread over? Fear that the next day I would be barraged with scores of poor, wretched kin of hers. Where did I think of this? That is why people, in India, are scared to help the needy. Hey, what about the scores of NGOs, ethnically clad in Indian couture, frequenting villages, slums and the likes and helping the poor? Where do they get their courage from? If these non-profit organizations can help, so bravely, the poor then why not the....?
Oh, for a moment of truth!
In effect, when the physical disparity, between what is true and what is not, is directly proportional to how soon or how late you get framed in a photo placard and bestowed to history, there does not seem any real need for all the disparities we have among fellow humans. I know the names of Honey, Half Tail and other big cats of Africa and their gorgeous lives.
When we can be as emotional and caring for others, who don't even benefit us in any way, what is it that keeps us helping those, who, although, may not contribute much to the success of our own lives, nevertheless, may harm our own quest for something more and something more and something more.
Prior to History, may be there was dust; prior to the British revolution, probably there was no structured living; prior to the 20th century, flying must have been as big a dream as discovering the edge of universe is, today; prior to 1947, there was no independence for us. And what has independence taught me, who has not seen the struggle? That, independence should always be accompanied with a sense of responsibility and accountability otherwise, educated people take great pride in forming a network, without a sense of fear nor conscience but, who are scared of losing their jobs!
The infallibility that democracy provides to corruption and hailed political techniques is probably just a little on a rung higher to what truth is to falsety in today's world!
No, not for a moment of truth but, it is definitely worth noticing the men  and women, who look quizzingly at the great war between Cricket Australia and the BCCI and millions of dollars at stake when, they know, as we all know, that a small percentage of such great displays can bring them up to a level where they too can contribute to the progress and development happening around them.
Is it that they are cursed to live beside open drains, railway tracks and playing fiddle to politicians or is it, that they are the real moments of truth of our life?



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