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Miss Pakistan World 2008 | June 2008



Natasha Paracha wins 
6th Annual Miss Pakistan World 2008 title


By Abinta Muttreja
Globalom Media 


The Winner

The Winner and runners-up with Sonia

The Winner with Monica, Abinta and Joseph

Photos by Monica, Abinta and Joseph - Globalom Media team

Miss World Pakistan 2008 was an evening filled with great entertainment, elegance, glamour and style, held on May 23, 2008 at the Versailles Convention Centre.

Natasha Paracha, 23 years, a resident of New York, from Islamabad, Pakistan, was crowned Miss World Pakistan 2008.

The highlight of the evening was the participation of ten beautiful ladies who had come from different parts of the world, including the UK, the USA and also Canada, to compete for what has become the most controversial crown in the pageant world and make their dreams come true.

The night also featured a special guest of honour, Chief of Police Mr. Armand P. La Barge of the York Region Police Services, who was very pleased to join many of the community members at this great event.  

The Master of Ceremonies was no other than a recognized actress, Sitara Hewitt, who has performed at theatre shows as well as movies.    

Mrs. Pakistan Word 2008, Saman Hasnain, accompanied the contestants along with Miss World Canada 2008, Leah Ryerse, and Miss Pakistan World 2007 Mahleej Sarkari.  

The event began with an opening dance by the ten ladies, followed by an introduction round. Then there was a traditional dress round, Question and Answer period, and then the talent round. 

After dinner there was evening gown round and finally after all that excitement it came down to the Final Four.

As Miss Pakistan World 2008, Natasha, who currently works for the United Nations, will spend the next year travelling and representing the Pakistani community in events promoting today's Pakistani women. She also received many prizes including jewellery given by the Immaculate Diamonds, all-inclusive trip representing Pakistan at an international pageants, a free web site for a year and many other gifts from sponsors of this event.   

Winner Natasha Paracha with
1st Runner up Samera Bilal

Miss Photogenic
 Mehvish Sheikh 

Backstage with Sonia Ahmed
some of the Contestants and Winners

The pageant also saw other winners: Vimi Spa Miss Photogenic was awarded to Mehvish Sheikh from Lahore, Parissa Miss Smooth Skin was awarded to Binish Zaidi from Karachi, Sherwood Miss Congeniality was awarded to Tahira Iqbal from Lahore, Miss Perfect Ten was awarded to Samera Bilal from Gujrat and Miss Talent was awarded to Binish Tahir Zaidi from Karachi. The runner ups were: 4th runner up Tahira Iqbal from Lahore, 3rd runner up Nosheen Idrees from Jhelum, 2nd runner up Binish Zaidi from Karachi, 1st Runner up Samera Bilal from Gujarat, Pakistan. All of these title winners will be representing Pakistan internationally. Runner ups also received jewellery and gift hampers from sponsors. 

The panel of judges included five credible individuals with different background within the beauty, business and entertainment field. The judges who decided on the fates of these beauties were: Asif Jamal (Karachi, Pakistan) events manager and consultant, Chetna Patel (owner of Vimi Spa), Mr. Kamal Zafar (Lahore, Pakistan an Orthopaedic doctor), Kishore Patel (Immigration Consultant) and Joyce Haist (from the National Bank of Canada).  

The event focuses on beauty, talent and cultural strength while allowing these young women to feel a part of the mainstream instead of ostracized from the Western world.  

The new Miss Pakistan World, Natasha Paracha, is an honours graduate from the University of California, Berkley and is currently living in New York City. Paracha founded both the Pakistani Student Association at UC Berkley as well as a non-profit organization NGO – Vision of Development. Her non-profit organization was founded after visiting villages in rural Pakistan and recognizing the need for basic resources and opportunities. Vision of Development works to implement basic educational programs as well as tools to empower women throughout rural Pakistan. Her goal over the next year is to represent Pakistan while bringing about awareness that in today’s climate, 51 million Pakistani’s do not have the adequate access to medical and urgent care.

Sonia Ahmed

For six years, founder and Creative Director of the pageant, Sonia Ahmed has seen the beauty and entertainment world begin to embrace her community in a very quick and robust fashion.  

Congratulations to Sonia Ahmed for bringing Miss Pakistan World at such a great height where it is recognized internationally. Sonia, the mastermind behind this event, put on a great show and made this pageant a success along with her team. She said, " there is always room for improvement and new ideas and I will definitely make more of an effort to make this event even more memorable next year."  

Referring to the controversy, which has surrounded the event since its launch, Sonia says, “Pakistani women have always felt compelled to stay in the background. They have never had the same opportunities to create a voice and stand for what they believe in. It was only after living in Canada that I realized that women really do have the power to make a difference and make a change. You see it every day here (in Canada) and I hope that the women of Pakistan begin to see that as part of their reality soon.”    

Pakistan’s slow changing movement to liberate its women forbids such events from taking place on Pakistani soil. Thus, women who want to stand up for change and progression must make the trip to Canada to compete for their own country.  


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