CANSCENE - Canada's Multicultural Scene August 2002


Volume 2, No 8 August, 2002

    Editor: Ben Viccari


South Asian Outlook

(Canscene) -- As a journalist and TV commentator, I've found the Internet and its search engines of immense value in researching my material. One instance is the doughnut piece I've included in this issue. Another is finding the lyrics of an old Neapolitan love song; the words came with matching audios, something sites in Italy seem to specialize in.


Chez Zanetti


Which brings me to Giorgio Zanetti, who with his wife Lidia, publishes Chez Zanetti out of their home in Ottawa. Right on home page they offer the melodies and lyrics of the Canadian and Italian national anthems. And that's how the web site goes: pages and ages of information about Canada and Italy, prepared with tender loving care. George was born in the province of Piacenza, in northwestern Italy and joined his brothers in Ottawa in 1966 


Giorgio writes: "In 1968 I joined the fledging Gruppo Giovanile Italiano. The first president of the club was Domenico Mazzeo now a professor of International Studies at the Glendon Campus, York U. With the club I acted in and directed a few plays for the next 5 or 6 years; our first big production was Goldoni's I Rusteghi", but afterwards we switched to lesser known authors.


'After a few odd jobs, in 1973 I had the good fortune to get hired by the Canadian Air Traffic Training School (Transport Canada). Eventually I became the team leader of the Simulation Specialists section.


"A couple of years ago and after 28 years of service I decided to retire andlook after my first granddaughter Sophia; this was and still is a much rewarding experience. Now the family has expanded even further since my only daughter gave birth to twin boys just over 9 months ago!"


South Asian Outlook ........ has just celebrated its first anniversary. It's an independent e-Monthly for South Asians living in South Asia; people of South Asian origin who are settled in different parts of the world; and for all those who are interested in the rich cultural heritage of South Asia: its diversity, its complexity and its vitality.


"We provide a forum for dialogue amongst South Asians, about issues that affect them, concerns they have about their root countries and the countries they have settled in, and about South Asians in other parts of the world," says Suresh Jaura, editor and publisher of the e-magazine.


"With direct links to newspapers from all over the world, it provides a resource centre, with no restrictions. There are also links to various topics in different South Asian countries, thereby providing a reference source for South Asians. There are more references required to make it a complete  source. The publishers welcome input from 'readers'.


An attempt has been made to highlight the achievements of South Asians in fields of arts and culture, social, political and business fields. Non-South Asians who have contributed to the dissemination of information through print and broadcast media.




Another interesting site is Canucklinks published by Alfonso Cardomo who came to Canada from El Salvador and says

"My site is not new. In fact, I had had the idea to do a book on financial services (I've been employed with CIBC for the past 10 years or so.). However, with the advent of the Internet, I decided to create a website consolidating financial services in one site. Once that got completed, I decided to add a section for the Hispanic community. Once that got completed, I decided to consolidate the French-speaking community. I hold a degree in French and have spent seasons living in Quebec.


'Finally, I decided to create a comprehensive directory of everything and anything Canadian, without excluding anything of interest to Canadians, thus the reason I've included universal content in my website.'


These three sites are listed on my Links page. Just click on their names. They're highly worthwhile consulting.


Good browsing!



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