CANSCENE - Canada's Multicultural Scene August 2003


August, 2003

    Editor: Ben Viccari



On Canada Day this year, South Asian Outlook, published by a CEJWC member and first independent e-monthly of its kind entered its third year of publication,. It is available online at <http://www.southasian>


Reviewing the last two years since South Asian Outlook was launched, it has gone through changes not only in design but also in content, says publisher and managing editor Suresh Jaura.


"It has included not only articles and regular columns from South Asians and people of South Asian origin abroad, but also from mainstream columnists and authors, including Janice Gross Stein, Margaret Atwood. Richard Gwyn, Ed Morgan," says Suresh


To a question, "Why an e-monthly?, says that "being on the internet, three main issues for any publication: distribution, accessibility and keeping track of back issues are taken care of."


"As for who is behind the e-Monthly, Suresh Jaura says that it is produced by Globalom Media, which is bringing this out as a non-profit venture. "There are dedicated people of South Asian-origin people living in Canada, USA, UK, Germany and other parts of the world, donating time, effort and money to continue this non-profit venture," he adds.


The Community of South Asians is covered with Windows on Canada, USA, UK / Europe, Rest of the world giving Event Calendar and report on Events under Event Reports.


"We have still a long way to go to make it a complete source. We are open to ideas, suggestions, views and opinions for publication and / or information to improve upon the content and coverage in South Asian Outlook e-Monthly," says Suresh



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