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March 2002


Letter from INDIA


A rummy game


of queens and cards on the table, and whether, it is the Jack or the King who is at stake.


By J.V.Ravichandran



Incidentally, there is a play, "The rummy game", being staged in Delhi, which inspired me to name this piece as such, as what is being recounted in the following lines is all "RUMMY" but true, nevertheless !  It is a rummy game, there is no other word for it. It is played by a network of people, who employ uneducated, uncouth masses, which not only enlarges the network but also increases the burden on the city administration. It involves reactions of humans, given certain real-life situations. "Excellent", you would say; "Just right for a developing country to develop collective consciousness", you would clap. Not so.

Because a man or a woman can only think to his (her) potential and if you ask an inhabitant of a mental asylum to give you a brain teaser, you will most certainly end in the same cell soon! Perhaps, this game of character analysis was launched by some enthusiastic reformer who promptly looked the other way once he (she) realised it was no good, but the game, undeterred, has continued on.

The modus operandi of this game is, to contact a girl, or contact a guy through a girl, as need be, and instruct him (her) to note down and report back the reactions of a certain person when he (she) does something provocatively distinct. Since, at face value, everything seems hunky-dory, all fall for it but, once such contacts are established, and having ascertained the willingness of the new entrant, bolder activities like sex-trade, prostitution, planned murders, witch-hunting, black magic etc are executed!

This network is made up of educated, well-to-do people! Paradoxically, India, being full of illiterates, is, again paradoxically, rich with malicious manpower! Hand one a tenner and ask him (her) to do anything and it is done, without a question. Plus, it is a fact that the poor, slum dweller being the majority vote bank for a politician, is more important than an educated person like, say, me! So, a slum dweller can request a MLA or a MP to tarnish the image of anyone, in the eyes of all the girls and women in anyone's neighbourhood or family, and it will be done and nothing can the educated, however innocent the victim may be, do about it! Such activities are called experiments by the members of the network and the city administration accepts it and quietly looks away.

The gravity of this game must be further understood, in the proper perspective, because this game/network, in Delhi, has questioned some basic functioning of democratic channels.

First, the Delhi Police. A complaint against this network (due to its notorious ability to wreck anyone's life or career, many and frequent complaints are made to the Delhi Police by many and sundry), is stolidly met, time and again, with, "What can we do about it?!" A senior police officer has acknowledged the existence of this network but, in the same breath, also defiantly asks, unprovoked, "Are you saying this network is sponsored by the Delhi Police?" The hidden reason behind this unprovoked defiance is that many policemen have to compulsively inform, out of a natural habit, about a complaint to the person against whom a complaint is made, which can be understood as nurturing network kind activity!! This type of policeman is, by nature, very informative and the Delhi administration and people of Delhi have to put up with this crazy trait!

Any kind of unauthorised human network can only be destructive, especially so in today's world of well-oiled communication modes and voluntarily taking action against such networks would be the most natural course of action, any police force of the world would agree on this point. So, why doesn't the Delhi police act on such a dangerous entity? The other disturbing question that has arisen out of this kind of non-action is, what needs to be done if a city police force fails or does not act, for nearly a decade, and a whole city falls prey to the network ? The nefarious activities of this network are many, to warrant such a disturbing question.

It has destroyed chess in Delhi, to the extent that one open, all India level tournament may be conducted, once in two years. IM or GM category tournaments have not been heard of, in Delhi, for the past several years! The only chess tournaments that had been conducted consistently, in the past decade, were the C.S.Sharma tournaments at Botvinnik Chess Club, Ferozeshah Road, New Delhi, which can only offer stale practice for big time Federation masters or rated players. And the only other chess activity that has taken place, has been chess played in parks like the Ajmal Khan chess club at Ajmal Khan Park, Karol Bagh or the one in Vikas Puri played at the J-block, Vikas Puri Park. Even here, the police intervention and harassment forces many players to abstain as the police claims that chess is a gambling game and hence, does not want chess to be played in public, whereas just a few yards away, many card players would be waging Rs. 500 and upwards! It is really commendable that, in such a scenario, Sriram Jha has managed to become an International Master.

"Rummy game", as I mentioned in the beginning, is a play from Mumbai. This is another area, which has regressed, in the past decade, in Delhi. Not one worthwhile production has been staged in Delhi in the past ten years! And Delhi is supposed to be the art and culture capital of the country. And this regression happened because the public of Delhi had been busy developing and nurturing that inhuman network to pay attention to the finer aspects of life.

And, in such a scenario, India today, the esteemed national magazine has launched, "Radio Today"! This, I find worthy of mention here, because in an edition in the early 90's of the last century, India Today had splashed a cover title, which went, "Can we clear the mess?" with no actual reference to the "mess". The magazine may have been referring to the mess that could be in the form of a civic chaos in future for Delhi but, strangely, it did not pursue it! Now, the "collateral damage" has been done by the network in fact, the network is so large, it can easily be renamed "Delhi-ites"!

Today this network is so well-oiled that it can wreck anyone's career within seconds! Add to this, something like "Talk Radio" (fancied to be such by Radio Today's CEO) would only increase the network's capabilities, just like the other radio network, "Times FM", which had many female jockeys passing messages under the guise of listeners' messages between two prospective swingers or such ! Who will clear this mess in Delhi? And when will the Delhi police arrest this mafia and save what little virtue is left in Delhi?


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