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June 2002


Letter from INDIA

Vishwas Nagar - A trust in books

Of 'Vishwas' and 'dhokas' and whether the businessman or the employed, is better off.


By J.V.Ravichandran


A span of two or three-storeyed, misshaped buildings mark the landscape; streets, frequented by man-pulled rickshaws full of reams of paper, are narrow but the passage is smooth; the people of Vishwas Nagar have still retained the frankness and goodness of the 80's Delhi-ite - straight, business minded and eager to get on with the good things in life. Vishwas Nagar in Shahdara, Delhi, houses some of the big and small publishing houses of Delhi. Although, the main occupation of this locality is book publishing, the profession, itself, is not all that paying. This, despite the fact that the publishing industry mints money but the employees are under-paid.


'Vishwas' means belief and 'dhoka' means betrayal and on these two words a sick game is being played in Delhi, which has pushed many into prostitution but bat not the administration and 

police an eyelid, like the bruised tail-ender of the Indian cricket team but the workers in the book publishing industry are full of 'vishwas' and the people of Delhi is full into a network, which works only on 'dhokas' !


The fact is, I was reminded of Dickens' David Copperfield street as I walked the streets of Vishwas Nagar when I had gone to the publisher to print my book and to describe this small area in east Delhi seemed the most natural thing to do for the writer in me. Such is the locale and the atmosphere of the area. The reason for commenting on the locality’s atmosphere is due to the atmosphere prevailing in other parts of Delhi, especially Vikas Puri, which is bugging with relentless nonsense organized by a crazy network of humans.


Go to an office and the network's crazy calls start pouring in, requesting or at times, ordering the receptionist of the office to notify them, at such number (s), about somebody's movements and since, many of the receptionists are already into a part-time trade of sex for money, it is all the more easier for the network to stretch its reach !! No, there is no joke in it nor pun nor vindictiveness.


Interestingly, this network is not a product of lax administration or faulty Police although, these two factors do contribute to the existence of the network. This network exists out of a game of competition and arguments - the competition is between two males, usually forced on both the participants by the network, and the poor people of the area are told the rules and instructed on how to play (which is usually bugging and disgusting) the game. 


The only activity in this game is to force a young couple to roam a secluded area at night and thus, provoke the attention of somebody who may complain against the couple. Then, the real madness starts as the Police is by nature harassing and the network's power game begins, as the harassed will start reaching for higher offices and thus, cause more trouble all around. 


One of the favourites of this network's activity is to make a girl conduct herself in the most shocking of manners like soliciting brazenly in public, in front of an educated and modern young man or boy. There are only two possibilities in such a situation - either the boy or man reacts violently and thus, gets into trouble with the Police, or his mind is forever channelised into the realms of the psychotic and becomes a girl-hater, which will only help the network's long term designs of creating mishief in Delhi and who knows, perhaps, in India.


This network's dangerous activities has become so bugging and irritating that it becomes necessary to somehow curtail it. Educated girls and women in Delhi, especially in Vikas Puri, conduct themselves according to the network's direction. In return, easy sex is offered for males and money for females ! Worse, married women from whom some help in the form of evidences were expected are the most vociferous when it comes to arresting a member of the network. If the network commands a sizable number of girls and women of Delhi, the married women command the lower orders (servants etc.). The worst, unpredictable behaviour comes in the form of educated young women and girls of Vikas Puri who have simply resorted to "no complaints" regardless of what may come, With the effect that the miscreants are sure of no retaliation from the law and the many women and girls who are already into this trade are even more brazen in their activities.


The reference to Vishwas Nagar is due to the existence of life as it was in the pre-network days in Delhi and it seems that Vishwas Nagar may just be the only locality in Delhi, which is not affected or ruled by the network. How this network started and how so many educated girls and women geared up the network is something of a phenomenon, which the Delhi administration has failed to curtail and destroy. This piece on this network is a message to all the girls and women in Vikas Puri and in other parts of Delhi who bank on this network for fun and money, and create mischief for all around because the days of the network are numbered and hence, to let go of creating mischief in Vikas Puri and in Delhi. 



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