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June 2002




Co-Producer of Leela


Talks to Ashish Mathur



I was born in California, U.S. I learned kathan for 15 years. I did a course in Production Design and Choreography. Then I went to India and did some acting and choreography with the likes of Madhuri Dixit and Farah Khan.


I did a few TV serials like Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum, Kanoon and Beeji Ke Beeji. I also did some films  like Insaaf with Akshay Kumar and Shilpa Shetty. Then I came to New York and choreographed Madonna in Om Shanti. It was a surprise launch and it was a wonderful experience to work with such a celebrity.


Leela is my first venture as co-producer. It was a great experience. We had to work with Hollywood and Bollywood cultures that required slight adjustments from both sides.


I like Leela as it is about different characters who have their own individuality, be it Leela, or Chaitali or Kris. Every character has his or her own point of view. Every character is exploring and growing. 


We are eagerly awaiting the commercial release of Leela that should be in 2-3 months. The audio should be released about 6 weeks before the release of the film. The film will also be released in India though most of the film is in English. After Leela, we are currently working on our next project called - Good ol’Boy. It is Kevin Bacon style light film.