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June 2002



C M Bhandari

A multi-faceted personality

Farewell to Bhandari

By Jacob Joseph 


Jacob Joseph with Mr Bhandari

Mr. Bhandari has completed his diplomatic mission in Toronto and left a soothing memory in the hearts and minds of all those who've met him during the past 4 years.


During his stay in Toronto, he has earned the respect and admiration of the Indo-Canadian communities in Toronto and beyond. He had become a champion of Unity and friendship for all of us 'Indians abroad'. His coordinated efforts, to bring together every one under one banner, gave birth to 'Panorama India', which organised one of the Farewell parties for Mr Bhandari and family.


Through the efforts of the Consulate and many volunteers, Panorama India’s annual event has gained momentum as a colourful festival for all of us to enjoy and participate in. The credit goes to the vision and leadership of Mr Bhandari.  


The Hon. James K. Bartleman, OOnt, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, and Mrs  Marie-Jeanne Bartleman, opening an exhibition of Madhubani Paintings. Others are: (L to R) Mrs Bhandari, Mr Nidhan Singh, 

Mr Bhandari and extreme right Mr Suresh Jaura

Mr. Bhandari shared a common bond and true friendship with his countrymen. His simplicity and goodwill earned him friends from every walk of life. His spiritual enlightenment truly reflected in his life and he tried to convey it through simple means. No one was less important to him. We all felt inclusive and united, simply as one people with one heritage without seeking intensely our cultural, religious and linguistic diversities.


My friendship with Mr. Bhandari began with an invitation to come and attend the annual dinner of The India-Canada Society of Hamilton and Region.


As president of that organisation at the time, I requested him to speak on his pilgrimage to 'Kailash-Mansarovar'. The breath taking photographs he took during this pilgrimage and the coffee-table book he published generated a great interest in the audience.


As a photographer, I was amazed at his photographic skills and we established a common bond. 

Mr Bhandari and his family enriched their daily lives as Yoga practitioners. One day he told me that he would like to publish a book on Yoga. I applauded the idea and agreed to take photographs of all the poses. He suggested that we go outdoors and capture the poses in the gardens and near the lake etc. He came to Hamilton and did the initial poses with lake Ontario in the background. Another session was in the Botanical Gardens in Niagara Falls. He had photo sessions with other friends also.


Mr. Bhandari has written elaborately about the philosophy and practice of yoga in the newly published book titled "BODY MIND AND SPIRIT - YOGA SHAKTI FITNESS AND RELAXATION HIGHWAY" a very attractive book on yoga indeed. He has simultaneously published this book in both English and Hindi.


I very much admire the many dimensions of this diplomat's life and his commitment as a true Gandhian, who is very proud of his country and it's people.


Thank you for making us proud Mr. Bhandari, You have left a legacy that we will always remember.