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February 2002




 Environment Friendly Product-Manufacturer Receives 

India's National Award


GNFC Ltd. located near historical town of Bharuch on the bank of River Narmada in the state of Gujarat is India's one of the leading Chemical , Petrochemical and Fertilizer manufacturer with annual Sales of US$ 300 Millions.


This Company virtually created history in Indian stock market by issuing a share capital of Rs. 436 Millions to  nearly 500,000 share holders way back in 1981.


Beside Nitrogenous and Phosphatic Fertilizers , it is India's the largest producer of  Methanol, Acetic Acid , Formic Acid Nitric Acid and  Ammonium Nitrate with world class manufacturing facilities at its sprawling location fondly called "Narmadanagar". Its  products indirectly touches everyone's life via consumer products made from these chemicals viz. Textiles, Dyes , Leather and Rubber Products, Pharmaceuticals, Paints, Varnishes and  Explosives.


It's clientele includes who is who of  Indian Chemical Industry ; M/s Reliance Industries, M/s IPCL ,
M/s Bombay Dyeing , M/s Perstorp Aegis , M/s Kanoria Chemicals, M/s ColourChem , M/s Vinyl Chemicals , GDI group of Industries, M/s Asian Paints, M/s NOCIL, M/s Aarti group of Industries,
M/s Reliance Petroleum, Leading Leather Tanneries, Rubber Processors, Dr. Reddy Laboratories to name a few.


The Organisation has recognised the importance of a strong in-house R & D and it has equipped the R & D center with process laboratories, pilot plants, sophisticated analytical facilities and has got qualified  Research Professionals. GNFC's in house R & D centre is recognized by Department of  Science and Industrial Research.


GNFC invented a Catalyst and Process trade named CATSOL for removal of Hydrogen Sulfide, a highly toxic and corrosive gas released by refineries, natural gas processing units  and a number of chemical processing industries.


Mr. M.M. Bhatt, General Manager - GNFC Ltd. jointly with EIL received National Award for R & D efforts in Industry in the field of Pollution Control and Environment Protection in a glittering function held in New Delhi at the hands of  Minister of State for Science and Technology Govt. of India.



Mr. Jayen Mehta, Marketing Manager - Chemicals, told South Asian Outlook, " This is an environment friendly product and liquid phase redox process demonstrated successfully on commercial scale at India's Largest Sulfur Recovery Unit of  M/s  Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, Surat - a fortune 500 Corporation.


"The process and Catalyst is now patented under trade name CATSOL. It works in most environment friendly manner and can be used by refineries, natural gas processing units, pharmaceutical industries , a number of chemical industries and bio-sludge treatment units where fluctuating and low concentrations of  H2S  is experienced. The H2S removal efficiency of the process is nearly 100%.


"Considering the stringent pollution control norms for clean and green environment, the process and catalyst  have excellent commercial and export potential. It saved approx. US$ 500,000 by substituting  a costly , proprietary imported Catalyst when used by just  a single user. It has potential of saving forex of US$ 2.5 Millions by serving Indian market alone. Intangible savings are enormous for users with entry of this alternative process and Catalyst. Dialogues are at an advance stage with Indian Refineries and pharmaceutical manufacturers . Backed with it's strong team of  Research Professionals and Process Managers, GNFC is well prepared to serve any Indian user, at a short notice . This was never feasible in India with costly expatriates deputed by overseas Supplier."