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February 2002





NEHA DHUPIA: Femina Miss India-Universe 2002


Model turn actress, 5'7" tall, history student, elegant looking, Neha Dhupia from New Delhi, was born on 27th Aug 1980. She came to limelight with a spanking TV Serial Rajdhani and music video Euphoria. She has also done Ad campaigns for Reebok, National, Pepsi, LG, Gillet, maruti, Meena Bazar and Mitsubishi Lancer.





Nick Name: Chhotu


Academic Achievements: Graduation in History (Hons)


Other Pursuits: Modelling/Acting


Future Plans: To grow as a professional both in front of the camera and behind the lens


Outstanding Achievements: Featured in a leading role in an Indo-Japanese movie


Happiest Moment of your life: Each time I bring a smile on someone's face.


Lucky Charm: My family


Strongest personality trait: Confidence, Playfulness


Weakest personality trait: Some things are better not said


Turn ons: Intellect Humour, Music & A Warm smile!


Turn offs: Hypocrites & traffic jams!


Favourite Night Activity: Definitely sleeping!


Terrified of: Dogs, Stagnation and Ignorance


Recurring dream: Is to make each dream of mine come true


Vegetable/Fruit/Animal you resemble most: Horse bcos like this beautiful animal even I am full of positive energy and always working towards helping everyone selflessly


My Favourites:


Food/Dish: Sea Food


Book/Author: 'Alchemist-Paulho Coelho


Magazine: India Today & Femina


Movie: Bridge Over the River Kwai, Sholay & Forest Gump


Movie Star: Tom Hanks Aamir Khan & Julia Roberts


Song/Music Video: Sting-Fields of Gold, Tom Petty - Free Falling




Ramp/Runaway/Shows: For Rina Dhaka, Monisha Bajaj, Kuene Hair show, NIFT New Delhi, Airtel, Ogaan


Press Advertising: Reebok, Airtel, Archies, Mitsubishi lancer, Amway, Wagon R, VLCC


TV Advertising: Featured in a TV series Rajdhani for Star Plus. Anchored travel show "Moosafir Hoon Yaaron". Featured in TV series SSHH…Koi Hai for Star Plus


Catalogue: Sumeet Verma, Ritu Beri Monisha Bajaj, Vijay Arora, Ranna Gill


Music Video: Euphoria's Shanana directed by Pradip Sircar, Apocalypso-Sanchaita Ghosal's Jaagi Hoon Main for Universal Polygram.





What important lessons have you learnt in the course of training for Miss India? How has the training helped you?


It has been 45 days of positive and disciplined personal correction on a variety of rudiments like speech and diction, fitness, catwalk, art appreciation, diet and skin care, stress relief, mental health etc. Grooming on the above helped me to enhance my personality and become healthier - mentally and physically.


What part of the training did you enjoy the most? Your toughest moment at the training was…


It would be unfair to say that I enjoyed any particular session because each session was more interesting, informative and entertaining than the other. I think the toughest part of the training was the exclusion of chocolates from my diet.


Your days (till the pageant is over) are divided between…


More work and less Play!


What got you interested in FMI? How did you go about getting into it?


We all know that Femina Miss India is the only pageant of its' kind that provides the contestants a high pedestal to reach out and opens many new horizons... all leading to triumph, fame and prosperity. And for me this is just the beginning, and a long and exciting journey lies ahead.


How's the competition/competitors? What tricks are you going to pull to come ahead? Can you spell the rules of the game…


The competition is very fair and each one of competitors has something special. I will stay friendly to all the contestants, shall have the spirit of a healthy competition, and keep my mind focussed towards my goal.


What is that one special quality that you possess and that would give you an edge over others?


My sense of self!


How important is winning the crown to you. And if you don't, will you try for it again?


The fact that the 26 of us are here from different parts of the country makes each one of us a winner in our own esteem. All of us are working very hard towards achieving our ultimate goal, which is the crown, but just in case I don't win I will not be shattered and will make the most of the other avenues that this contest opens up for me.


Suppose you win the crown, what is that one thing that you would do to make a difference to this world?


I would spread the message of "Aids Awareness" especially amongst women, as they are most vulnerable to the infection.



What is your eventual goal in life?


To have a television Production Company of my own and host a Talk Show like Oprah Winfrey!


What's your Sun Sign/ Sex-appeal?


I am a Virgo. My sex appeal is my simplicity.


Overheard (talking)


"Its almost show-time girls".


Absolutely irresistible


A trip around the world!