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April 2002


Letter from INDIA


Object persistence 



of  persistence and precision in arguments, and whether ambiguity is not the real cause of it all.



By J.V.Ravichandran




Objectivity, somehow, seems to hold the key in today's affairs concerning the Indian sub-continent. I don't know why. It is what the world calls seventh or sixth sense, in whichever order you may prefer to understand it.


Persistence with objectivity or some such oft-philosophised word, often leads to more confusion and philosophy. Persistence actually means to go at it with the adamancy of a bull and the willpower of a mosquito ! The need to define persistence in such a vein, is due to the happenings in India, of late, or rather, in Delhi, of late, or rather, in Vikas Puri, of late or rather, in...well, let me not persist with a drive for precision (you must have understood anyway, what I am trying to say !).


The happenings in the Indian sub-continent, ever since the days of independence of both India and Pakistan, have an underlying whiff of persistence. Both the countries have blundered around, regardless of world opinion or sanity, with the persistence of a bull, unruffled by the red scarf being shown to it !


Mr. Khushwant Singh has noted in his recent article, "War...decided by Washington", that the USA should honour the wishes of India and abstaining from opining on any subcontinent matters. In one breath, he says that he is happy "...that the onus of such awesome responsibility does not rest on the shoulders of either Prime Minister Vajpayee or of General Musharraf, but on President Bush", and in another, says, "India does not want third parties to stick their noses in our affairs. Americans, I am sure, will honour our wishes." !! This is the same ambiguity that has been adopted by India, for nearly a decade now, and look at the mess that the sub-continent is in.


Persistence is also bred by popular traits, is how I conclude it. So, the pertinent question that I would like to ask of Mr. Khushwant Singh and the Indian decision makers is, with a persisting state of "To be or not to be" that the above mentioned entities are consistently in, would it be fair to expect or entrust these entities with the awesome task of peace of the sub-continent ?!


Objectivity is the reasoning of the advanced, some wisecrack observed, in the early 90's or so, in India and hence, shifted ideologies and reasoning to one of Hindutva - basing everything that their narrow, feather-brain could offer on Hinduism !


Some decade and a few years have passed, and India has realised that, perhaps, Hindutva is not so good with the result that BJP is being belted around like the ball off Sachin Tendulkar's bat. India is always like this - it always realises, only at a later date, that things are not so good as it seemed, where, accepting opinions of the educated at that time itself would have solved the problem right away.


But then, the majority of decision makers is on the side where opinions state that instant decisions will spell doom for none other but, the decision maker himself and hence, from the Police to the Indian Bank's employee in Vikas Puri, (I mention the bank and the branch name because this bank has a timed approach to work - if you ask for a form lying on the table, it will reach your hands only after 10 minutes !) to the girl who receives a rose from a modern Romeo and consults well, before squashing it, everything in modern Delhi or India, as you wish to interpret it, is timed and to no good effect !


There is another definition of object persistence - the ability of an object to maintain its state for a certain, specified period ! This definition is applicable to OOPS - a computer technique of programming. Had the effervescent Indian (constantly beleaguered in misunderstanding the English word or attitude) misunderstood the above definition to be the only definition for objectivity or persistence and thus, is spending everyone's resources around him to maintain the status quo in many matters concerning the general public in the country ?? Because, if you lived in Delhi, you would understand what I am trying to say - many matters, administrative or

social-ative (?! not speculative), seem to have maintained a status quo over many years !


The Chief Minister of Delhi being a woman, I must observe that the women of Delhi are fast in one thing – bitching, mocking and envious jealousy !!  An instance, to boost spirits – If you wrote a book, you will be promptly…nope, not congratulated !…but, bugged with all kinds of stupidity like being praised upside down (if you are wondering what it means, let me tell you, I don’t know either. It goes somewhat like this. On matters where you would say, “Wonderful !”, these women say, “How sick !” It is not considered “macho” by these women to praise and hence, they abstain from it !! Of course, I am not blabbering. It is simply un-understandable by nature.) And the common man in Delhi, is too busy arguing and creating a network of people to bother about anything else all over again (especially after destroying one after a decade of working on creating one and getting it destroyed, that it is no good !).


So, Mr. Khushwant Singh, what is to be done when the administrators are in two minds, you are in two minds and the common Indian is having a kick with a crazy network ? Is it not safe and realistic as you have noted, yourself, in the same article as your own opinion “I, for one, am happy to see that the onus of such awesome responsibility does not rest on the shoulders of either Prime Minister Vajpayee or of General Musharraf, but on President Bush”, to leave it to a sane, advanced, competent and educated nation to decide the fate of India and Pakistan ?


Of course, I, for one, do not want criticism on being without national spirit and hence, want to portray myself as a writer with a clear and unambiguous vision of facts and realism.




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