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April 2002





  J. V. Ravichandran

Response from the company

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A rather strange message that contradicts itself on every word of every sentence. The above can be found in the Sign Up/Organisations section of the website.


User interface is about correct norms and means of communication, all of which are flouted in messages like the above. Another strange American link - poor me, I am an ardent admirer and fan of the great American spirit and everything that seems to be connected to America is sadly lacking in so many respects. This .com company aims to provide online recruitment services to jobseekers via the net through such an obnoxiously crazy website and do you know who is serving? American Express, India!!


Two rather provoking instances need to be highlighted here. First, a rather strange dealing between T.T.Services, a courier company, which specialises in rude staff and incompetent visa-documents-handling and the esteemed American Embassy, New Delhi and now, is entrusted with online job consultancy for American Express! There is the same rudeness in the staff of that reminded me of the infamous T.T.Services, New Delhi. A female staff of, named Ms Tanya, persists in addressing me as Ms. Rohini in her emails to me and, despite my assurance that I do not want a Customer Service job as I had never applied for one, she persists in sending me one! Maybe, she thinks by addressing me as Ms. Rohini I will change my mind and my profession!


Don’t American organisations first check the credentials and validate the information received before entrusting a contract to a company, especially an Indian company? Indian companies are notorious for flouting many norms especially when the client is a multi-national and web based services must fail, in the hands of an Indian .com, out of the compulsive habit of the Indian to compromise on basic issues. You may even find that many of the softwares used by almost all the Indian .com companies are pirated. I am not making any peeved statements but merely, stating facts, as they stand.


The question is not why American Express has entrusted consultancy services to but, how?! neither has the proper infrastructure by way of an active, proper and working website nor does the staff’s communicating ability indicate that American Express may have been impressed by the staff’s ingenuity to have thought that they could make a great venture out of an alliance with it.


Almost every link in the website fails to open a page and there is no indication, anywhere in the site, that states that the site is under construction except for the above message, which can hardly be taken for a coherent message! And the capitalized “C” in “cruise…” makes me suspicious if it is some well-disguised message to Tom Cruise and not the verb, “to cruise”!!


Is it out of compulsion that the American organizations are employing incompetent and often bugging organizations, which flout every single, decent, unwritten law in official communications or norms ?! What drives the American organisations or, is it that the Indian organisations are deliberately incompetent towards American organisations? Either way, the unwritten rule states that dissatisfaction between the company and a client should result in estranged or cut-off ties!! But, in the above mentioned cases, more incompetence and blundering only results in more compensation for the Indian organistions from the American companies!




The following is the text matter in About

We offer comprehensive solutions to the following problems:

    • Slow process due to large volume-hiring. (Can’t understand a word of it)

    • Inadequate resource pipeline to meet staffing needs. (???!)

    • Short lead-times between demand and supply.

    • Inadequate filter mechanisms to identify the relevant skills. (when not one link works, what and where are the filter mechanisms ?).

    • Inefficient tracking, management and communication with applicants. (Inefficient tracking …er, I do know English but this is too wayward !!?!)

    • Co-ordination and logistics issues, within and outside an organisation.

    • Limited resources to manage the recruitment management process.

    • Fluctuating manpower requirements leading to capacity issues. (??? Reminds me of fluctuating power-cuts !)

    • Need for efficient tools and automation to make the recruitment management process effective (??? Who wants what and whose ‘need’ is it and what has “need” got to do with it ?? Isn’t this section supposed to tell about and not its “needs” ?)

The above points are absolutely atrocious means to fraudulent ways of functioning with every word aiming to impress, rather than convey any sensible meaning and American Express falls for such bullshit ! Of course, the blanket explanation to the usage of such words is “These are HR terms and defined properly.” But, don’t I have a point or don’t I ?!!


The following is the text matter in another section in About, which will explain my predicament more clearly.

E-service Brief

We can do either or all of the following for our customers (???!!)


Please read the rest yourself, from the website. My head spins and I am quite likely to lose my confidence over English If I continue to decipher the language used.


The places such fraudulent organisations can reach makes me seriously contemplate shifting to adopt such methods to snare some American organisation to fund me regular money to harass and dupe Indians !


Response from

Rahul Mudgal
Manager – Training

Allow me to introduce, currently with offices at Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore we have multiple success stories with clients ranging from banking institutions to large BPO service providers. American Express was and still continues to be our first client. For starters, although our name features “.com” but we are far from being just another wannabe job portal. We are an HR Management and Training services provider. Lakhs of prospective job-seekers have been through our assessment process all over the country for jobs ranging from BPOs, software, banking or insurance. We are accredited with strategic alliances with international agencies.


Mr. Ravichandran, with his passing references to the American Embassy and drawing parlance best understood by him , has tried to sound like a genuine critic. We have the good fortune of some accomplished people from the print and electronic media working with us in different capacities. Hence, we could infer the quality and disguised intention of this piece of writing which is far from being factually validated.


If you were to pay closer attention to the picture of the auto mailer in that article allegedly sent to Mr. Ravichandran, it has been addressed to a certain Ms. Rohini (mail to: . I believe the author is confused with his long list of chat names he picks up for himself and then suffers with acute memory loss. Additionally it is a reply (RE : resume) to a message received from


A case of mistaken identity resulting in Mr. Ravichandran receiving an auto-mailer notification from our end. An auto-mailer is a system generated response to any job seeker informing her/him about the status of a job application received by us through web or snail mail.


We, as professionals, all understand the stringent benchmarks all Fortune 100 companies work with. The “Preferred Partner” status that Career cruise enjoys with more than two of these companies should speak volumes about our credibility within the purview of our services offered.

The founder-member of our fraternity of accomplished professionals is accredited with pioneering the first-ever call center in the country in the capacity of the HR Head.


As for my own introduction, the name is Rahul Mudgal. A Trainer by profession, I have been associated with Careercruise for the past one year. A member of the American Society for Training and Development, I have had the opportunity to train for a number of organizations including American Express, on behalf of Careercruise.


The Careercruise site is currently under reconstruction after some serious hacking attempts.


I only wish Mr. Ravochandran would have had the basic courtesy to clarify the reason for having received an auto-mailer (our telephone numbers are listed!) before venting out his frustration in this manner. What actually caused his frustration …your guess is as good as mine!


Case rests.


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