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    Dear Pia:


    I am in love with Randhir (not his real name). He is nice and caring, but very shy indeed.

    I am quite outgoing and not shy at all. Should I stick with him and marry him?


    In love - but 

    Toronto Ontario



Dear In love - but:


The advice from my mother, married for 25 years, is: "Don't worry. Have no buts. A shy man can be a faithful husband indeed."


Even research conducted at the University of Florida, Michigan State University and Wake Forest University indicates shy people make better lovers and long-term mates. 


Statistics indeed up to 50 per cent of North Americans are shy. In Asian countries, those who are shy or quiet are considered to be good, well-behaved, sensitive and understanding. But in Western society, we often overlook or disparage quieter, more sensitive people because we place an overly inflated value on verbal aggressiveness and   






Dear Pia:


I am not a teenager any more  - am 26 years - and have acne on my face. I feel so awkward because, at times, people look at me in a weird way. Is this something

unusual so far as I am concerned?


A 26-year young person

Detroit Michigan



Dear 26-year from Detroit:

First about the looks of the people, don't bother about it. It is your thinking as to

how they look at you.


Second about your acne, please rest assured there is nothing unusual so far as you are concerned.


It is true that teenagers come to mind when one thinks of acne. But that is only partly true.


Acne is a skin disorder that affects people of all ages. It has been described as "a disease of the skin's oil glands" known as, in medical terms, sebaceous glands. 


"It occurs when sebum gets trapped in the hair follicle and is unable to exit through the skin's surface... these plugged exists then become outwardly visible and form lesions generally referred to as pimples of zits."


There are a number of  acne treatments available, from prescription products and over-the-counter aids to alternative medicine options.


Don't hesitate to see your doctor to discuss options available to you.


To be informed, please go to - a website created jointly by the American Academy of Dermatology and pharmaceutical giant,  Roche Laboratories.