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April 2002




When will this Violence End? 

There is little comfort, so much violence,  bitterness and so many tears have been shed. One can only wonder when all this will end...“It seems that war has been declared on peace...but nothing is resolved by war.”

Suresh Jaura

Publisher & Managing Editor


"It seems that war has been declared on peace… but nothing is resolved by war. It only brings greater suffering and death. Neither do retaliation and reprisals resolve anything”, said Pope John Paul II in Vatican City in his Easter Sunday message.


These words ring as true for the current happenings in the Middle East, as for the war in Afghanistan or violence in South Asian countries or anywhere else in the world.


Violence against innocent citizens for political, religious or any other reason is deplorable. It is deplorable whether the perpetrators are terrorist groups or the States and whatever the justification. The so-called “collateral damage” in a war is nothing but a cover to hide the killing of innocent citizens by a State – more so when it happens somewhere else. The terrorist groups only kill without reason and the term “collateral damage” does not apply to those killings.


On to South Asia – the violence in Gujarat, the killings of Christians and Shia Muslims in Pakistan, the Maoist insurgency in Nepal, the continuing war against terrorist cells in Afghanistan, the pre-election violence and the violence against women in Bangladesh – there is no end to grim news.


The carnage in India, Gujarat, the birthplace of the apostle of peace and non-violence, has tarnished the image of India. The burning of the train with 55 Hindus returning from Ayodhya, whether as a result of any alleged provocation or be it the handiwork of foreign elements, or inspired mobs, does not justify the killing of innocent people in the waves of communal violence that followed.


The attacks on Christians in Pakistan can’t be justified as a valid response by those opposed to Pakistan joining the US-led coalition in war in Afghanistan. There is no justification for attacks on Shia Muslims in Pakistan. While Pakistan has joined the US-led coalition in war against terrorism in Afghanistan and General Musharraf has promised to stop terrorist activities originating from Pakistani soil and allowed US forces to capture Al Qaeda terrorists from its territory, one wonders why these attacks against other groups are continuing and can’t be stopped.


The list goes on… 


There is little comfort, so much violence,  bitterness and so many tears have been shed. One can only wonder when all this will end.


To put US President Bush’s words in a different perspective: there will never be peace so long as there is violence and all of us must fight against violence – retaliation and reprisals. 


There is need for understanding, tolerance and acceptance of the other point of view.


As Dilip Kumar, icon of India’s Bollywood, said, “This is said to be the age of information, yet I still see the abominable horrors of man butchering man… I still hope things improve for the sake of humanity.”


- Suresh Jaura
Publisher & Managing Editor