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April 2002




Amitabh Dar 

What's 'a structural designer in romance with architecture' doing in a TV Series!


Amitabh (centre) with Zahir Khan and Mumtaz



The TV series “Chalo Chale Parades”, based on lifestyle of an Indian family in Canada, is being watched by most of the South Asian families.


This serial has brought forward, Amitabh Dar, a Toronto-based character artist, to the silver screen. Amitabh’s performance as “Raj Chopra” has impressed almost all age groups.


Amitabh has a background of doing lead characters in India in Hindi plays like “Thank you Mr. Glad”, “Chief Minister”, “Suryast”, “Vallabhpur Ki Rupkatha”, “Solution X” and “Badi Bua Ji”.


Apart from acting in all these plays, Amitabh took keen interest in lights, make up, sound and many other aspects of production. His varied interests related to stage got him involved with English theatre in plays like “Whose life is it anyway”, “Bed Room Farce”, “Educating Rita” in India.


Amitabh has inherited his artistic abilities from his parents. His father, a professor of English literature (a good poet himself), and mother, an expert in Hindi poetry, gave Amitabh an opportunity to grasp the intricacies of poetry like diction and composition. No wonder that at the tender age of six, Amitabh could narrate compositions of poets like Keats and Frost.


Having a bachelor’s degree in Civil engineering and Master’s in Management was not enough for him. Being artistic by nature he fell in love with the field of architecture and thus became a structural designer. His romance towards architecture got him involved with study of history of European and Indian architecture. He defines himself as 'a structural designer in romance with architecture'.


Amitabh has been in Toronto for a couple of years. He is a highly qualified professional from India working as structural designer on weekdays and as an actor on the weekends


Amitabh initially missed an outlet for his passion in Toronto. His unyielding desire to be on stage again kept him on the lookout for the people involved in South Asian theatre in Toronto.


Within a year of his landing in Canada, he was spotted by Mr. Zahir Khan (a senior artist from Pakistan, playing the role of Amitabh’s father in the serial) who introduced him to Naushad Memon, Producer and Director of “Chalo Chale Parades”. Naushad liked Amitabh instantly and both got along very well with each other. It was Amitabh’s first experience in front of camera and he considers himself lucky to get a highly talented director like Naushad Memon. “I have become addicted to hearing the sound of “action” and “cut” by Naushad”, laughs Amitabh


Aquarian sun sign and interest in spiritualism give Amitabh an ability to communicate with his audience even without dialogues. Naushad did not take time to recognise this aspect of his talent and hence took Amitabh in a role where his presence is felt on the screen even when he is not in the scene. Naushad discovered the artist in Amitabh and gave him an opportunity to play the character of a loving son, a caring father, a responsible executive and above all a faithful husband who loves and respects his wife more than any other woman on earth.


For his success Amitabh never forgets to mention Minu Mumtaz, a great actress of Indian cinema playing the role of his mother, who always encouraged him on the sets and never lost an opportunity to guide and nurse his talent. He also feels thankful to Nina Dutt (daughter of legendary Guru Dutt and wife Naushad) for her caring attitude towards an artist. 


"Chalo Chale Parades" has been an exemplary experience for Amitabh.