September 2001

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Vol. I Number 3

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Thanks for your Overwhelming response to the launch of
South Asian Outlook!

Suresh Jaura

South Asian Outlook e-Monthly was launched on July 1 to coincide with Canada Day. Canada is the most diverse and multicultural country in the world and South Asians, amongst others, form a vibrant community in Canada, as also in other countries where they have settled.

South Asians “have emerged as significant actors for peace and progress in and between the countries of their origin and settlement”, as Dr Maleeha Lodhi, Pakistan Ambassador to USA said in her Message to the South Asian Outlook.

We are humbled by the overwhelming response that we have received from our ‘readers’ all over the world.

To congratulate this initiative (the launch of South Asian Outlook e-Monthly) and to greet our readers (on Pakistan’s and India’s 54th Independence Day), we received Messages from dignitaries in Canada, USA and Germany.

We reiterate our endeavour to provide a forum for South Asians, people of South Asian origin who are settled in different parts of the world and for all those who are interested in the rich cultural heritage of South Asia, its diversity, its complexity and its vitality.

This will enable us promote and highlight the “achievements heralded by South Asians in the fields of art, culture, politics and business, and  build greater understanding of  cultural and human diversity”, as BC Minister Gulzar Cheema has mentioned in his Message.

South Asians have been lauded for their cultural, social and economic contributions to the development of their countries of settlement.

In a letter to the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce for their annual Awards Night on June 23, 2001, Hon. John Manley, Canadian Foreign Minister, inter alia wrote:

“An information technology revolution is sweeping the world.  South Asia, particularly India, is fully part of this revolution.  Canada and South Asia can share many exciting opportunities in research and development and commercialization of these new technologies.

As we begin the 21st century, South Asian culture is having a global influence.  Around the world its music, literature, dance, and cuisine are gaining global popularity.  Nowhere is this as evident as in Canada where more than a million Canadians of South Asian origin are making a rich contribution to Canadian business, government, culture, and the arts…”

South Asian Outlook e-Monthly wishes to provide a dynamic and comprehensive source of information and interaction for South Asians across the globe. This will “contribute to better understanding of the common concerns and aspirations of South Asians and thereby promote closer friendship and cooperation”, as Mr Ronen Sen, Indian Ambassador in Germany has said in his Message.

We welcome you to get involved in this opportunity to network on a global basis making the best use of the latest information technology and play a pivotal role in bringing together South Asians throughout the world.

- Suresh Jaura
Publisher & Managing Editor