October 2001

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TRM - Taliban Relationship Management

of terrorism and government failings,

and whether terror is not the modern mantra to rule.

By J.V.Ravichandran


Terror is the vital element in Talibanís regime and its understanding of ruling. Terrorism is the vital element in TRM but TRM must not be mistaken for Terrorist Relationship Management even if many a "holier-than-thou" government has been known to have established connections with terrorist organizations (hence the acronym, TRM - Taliban Relationship Management !). Symptoms of this new political strategy to have links with terrorists to keep themselves in power, adopted by many governments the world-over, are organisational errors, incompetence in governance and failed or failing institutional infrastructures. From the perspective of this strategy, terrorism can be re-defined as failure in administrative will, willfully allowing errors to creep into important functions of the state and a sudden incompetence of law-keepers and intelligent services.


The failure of the most intelligent of intelligent services in the world, the failure of the most secure of airport securities in the world is more unbelievable than even the suddenness of the tragedies. And more puzzling is Americaís cry for vengeance against Osama Bin Laden, when all the Pentagon had received was some telephone call which claimed to take responsibility of the US bombings. The decision to blame Laden has been done all too much in a hurry. If Ladenís utterances are carefully scrutinized, anyone would agree that the man, or the fiend, will rather act nonchalant than claim any responsibility over a US tragedy. If anything, Laden claims absolute and total dislike and hate for anything American and given this kind of an attitude, would rather rejoice than go around taking responsibility. Laden is definitely not suicidal. And why has America chosen Afghanistan as a case study when the guru of TRM may be in Qatar or even more simply, may not even have masterminded the airborne, airlines based attack on America? There is a need to draw a parallel here (necessitated due to the persisting and bugging incompetence of an important government body of India), with the motto of the Delhi Police which, when unable to capture the real culprit goes for just about anyone! Has America not the belly, as suggested in CNN, to find the real  perpetrators?


From the perspective of Americaís vow to react with vengeance, the Taliban is being well-serviced by the Bush administration, by giving it the necessary marketing impetus. America's prime enemy, bin Laden, will be, and must be, more than satisfied with America's prompt service, which will surely escalate terror, on a larger scale, around the world, and America, instead of avenging itself will be playing proxy terrorists ! Maybe the Bush administration had pondered too much about the Talibanís mind-controlling abilities and have come up with their own masterly plan of playing mind-games with the terrorists ! This is not mere conjecture but based on the utterances of the American President on television, with statements like "Wanted! Dead or alive !", "The Taliban must, must take my statement seriously...". Hollywood is sure to take a lesson or two from the terrorists, on special effects, and on dialogue writing from the American president !


All said and done, network management, which is the core of any terrorist group, cannot be, without effective communication (to keep the human network up-to-date) and, ironically, communication modes and nodes are government controlled the world-over ! So, are governments lending out communication nodes to this barbaric, network of inhumans ? That a barbaric and insane network of humans exists in our world (numbering over a hundred thousand) is for real but how is this network to be tackled, if the worldís superpower has been struck by it. And if governments' help to terrorists is an accepted fact, how is America's war against terror to be interpreted ?  As a war against terrorist- linked nations or as a war against plain terrorists in sporty beards and machine guns ? And if the former, why is Pakistan, a renowned terrorist-supporting country being accorded so many grants by both Europe as well as America ? And if the latter, who is the terrorist going to be ? Somebody that Israel does not like or somebody that India does not like or somebody that I donít like ?!  


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J.V.Ravichandran introduces himself: I am 35 years of age and live in New Delhi, India.I am a software developer, dramatist, poet, artistic director (I have directed 4 English plays). I have developed 4 computer games, GREYcells Ludo, GREYcells Bricks, GREYcells Tic-Tac-Toe and GREYcells Brainvita plus some business softwares namely,  plus GREYcells Accounts for manufacturing units, GREYcells instograf, GREYcells Speedsheet and GREYcells Independence.

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