November 2001

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Leena Nash
Leena Nash


By Leena Nash

I have often heard parents tell their children how much they have sacrificed for them during the growing years.  Just last week a topic came up, and my mother reminded me of how hard she worked over the years to raise my sisters and me.  While I whole-heartedly agree that most parents GIVE 100% to their children, I rarely hear about what all parents GET from their children in return.

During the past year we have seen it all, from the fall of the stock market to the latest anthrax fear.  During tax season my husband tapped away at the PC and informed me how much we lost last year.  After a few days depression, I reminded myself that we have our health, and 2 beautiful kids.  I owe them big time, for their laughter, smiles and constant inquiries (a great entertainment!) eased the pain of having lost so much money.

On September 11th, the attack on the WTC made everything I had faced until then seem insignificant. I felt guilty about crying over money, job satisfaction, and the extra 10 pounds I am name it.  I realized more so than usual, how precious life is, and how lucky I am to have my 2 daughters with me.  As I answered their million questions about the attack and destruction of the Twin Towers, I fought back tears, held them tightly, and thanked God that everything I valued was right here, safe in my arms.

In October, 4 punks who were stealing the stereo out of his car ran over my friendís 17-year-old son in a cinema parking lot.  He died a few hours later from massive trauma.  As I searched for words to say to console his grieving mother, I questioned the existence of God.  When I returned home from the funeral that day wondering what kind of a God would allow something like this to happen to such a nice boy, I was greeted at the door by my 2 cheerful children.  When I saw their smiling faces, I realized that there must be a God out there and I must have done something right to be blessed with 2 healthy, loving kids.

Last week, I had to say good-bye to a dear, close friend who is moving to another country.  It was another sad moment for me, even though the move is for brighter opportunities.  But this event got me thinking about how I will feel when my kids leave the house.  I realized that the few years I have left with them will whiz by, and I had better cherish every hour I have with them now.  As I lay in bed with them that evening, thinking about how much I will miss my friend, I also thought about the wonderful experiences I have to look forward to with my kids.

Now, as I stand here on the brink of being laid off, my only consolation prize is that I get to spend more time with my kids.  Although I will miss not working (and miss the money), I won't allow even this layoff to dampen my spirits, thanks to my children.  As much as we give to them, we get back immeasurable security, joy, compassion and a sense of tranquility from them.

This article is dedicated to all kids, and I hope my children will read it someday to know how much they helped me during my growing years!


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Leena Nash lives in Texas and works in the telecommunications industry.  She is  the proud mother of 2 beautiful girls, and enjoys  travelling, web surfing, and writing in her free time. Her email address:

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