November 2001

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Flights of the angels

of flights of F-'s and destroyed terrorists' fancies
and whether anything is left in the terrorists' pansies*


By J.V.Ravichandran



(* Since the terrorists' attire is neither pants nor pajamas, pansies seems the right word for them.)

Ever reluctant, the Afghan Sun's reluctance has grown more with the billowing, black, war clouds refusing the warmth of the Sun to penetrate through to the dreary landscape. Silent mountains, witness to many an invasion, down history, frown at this modern invasion of F-'s and B-'s. Soon, it will be winter in Afghanistan and the war against terror may wane but a battle has, nevertheless, been fought. Battles have a tendency to leave quite a few behind - dead, maimed or dying. This battle, too, will. The will of man to flourish and develop has been grievously destroyed by terrorists and the battle against terror must succeed, at all costs. 


The world reckons so, with America. And rightly too, for, the past month has seen unimaginable acts of terror the world over. And America, the great country of opportunity has borne the brunt of it. It is unthinkable, if not ridiculous, to even think of attacking a country or its economy, which has over the last century, contributed in every possible field to the progress of mankind. From airplanes to spaceships to computers to internet to television to cinema to literature to music to countless discoveries and most significantly, to man's intelligence.


If man can boast of voyages to space, America takes first place for bringing it about; if man can see Earth from space, in just a few years, it will be because of America; if any man's duplicate can exist, it will be because of America; if Osama bin Laden survives this war, it will be because of scientific instruments like satellite communication and, to this, if bin Laden raises both his hands skywards, he would be thanking, not his Allah, but the numerous satellites, in outer space, which are all products of science and America; and the reason to condemn the terrorists on the inhuman aggression on America, assumes higher importance. As does the need to scrutinize, why the terrorists have what they have against America and the peace-loving world.


Territorial disputes could be one possible reason but which territory are the terrorists fighting for ? No territory on Earth belongs to one man or even a political party. Money is not what these acts are committed for. So, the only possible reason or motive can be emotions. But, have these terrorists been so grievously hurt that such men can give vent to their emotions only through acts of terror ? And most importantly, even if these men's emotions have been grievously hurt, who the hell cares ? Strangely, some seem to. Hence, propaganda can be concluded as extremely important for the terrorists. As one man cannot carry out terrorism by himself. He has to have multiple men with the same degree of emotions as himself. 


The Prophet of Islam, Muhammad, had to build an army of followers to establish Islam, the very religion which is driving men like Osama bin Laden. But, the Prophet had a positive message to profess - one God, Allah. Hence, the Prophet's success can be understood.


But, Osama bin Laden, has only one message to profess - one enemy, America ! The point to ponder over is, how are his followers falling for a negative message ? Terrorists are known to follow CNN and even the voice of America. So, how are these men being taken in by nonsense such as America being anti-Islam?


Especially so, when America's chief ally and the Taliban's mentor is Pakistan, an Islamic country ? Moreover, it is common knowledge that Americans don't even know a Hindu from an Arab ! There are many such questions which do not make sense and the conclusion has to be that there must be more reasons and motives behind the acts of terror than seems.


If Aristotle professed that conclusions are but natural progression of facts which, in turn, are derived from arguments then, these inconclusive acts of terror, too, must have a conclusion to them, which can be derived from arguments based on the "ifs and thens" that govern them. 


The first argument being, if America can hate Afghanistan, can not the Islamic world hate America, for aggression on Iraq ? The answer must be, an emphatic NO. A mediator can be a peaceful organisation like the UN or an aggressor like the United States which, being the world's only super-power and a great contributor to the progress of mankind, can take decisions of and on its own, in matters concerning the peace and sovereignty of the democratic world. 


The second argument being, if America can rain bombs on Afghanistan, can not Al-Qaeda or the bunch of terrorists, too, do the same on America ? Again, the answer must be an emphatic NO ! America is a nation, the superpower of the world, and Al-Qaeda or the bunch of terrorists, are neither. 


Thirdly, if America can hound bin Laden, can not the Al-Qaeda do the same ? The answer, again, is an emphatic NO. Bin Laden has been declared terrorist; American war generals or chiefs of war are not. 


Finally, and most importantly, the attack of America has a reason behind it; the attack on America did not, and till today, defies all reasonable explanation. And that which defies reason, has to be madness and hence, the terrorists must be mad. And much as the rights and the wrongs of the acts can be established, the acts themselves will never be understood as the rational world will never be able to imagine the degree of hate propounded by the acts of terror.


Any terrorist who may read this piece can take it with a bullet or butter, swallow it or spit it out, but the fact remains - America was and is right, and the world shall always support America against terrorism.


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J.V.Ravichandran introduces himself: I am 35 years of age and live in New Delhi, India. I am a software developer, dramatist, poet, artistic director (I have directed 4 English plays). I have developed 4 computer games, GREYcells Ludo, GREYcells Bricks, GREYcells Tic-Tac-Toe and GREYcells Brainvita plus some business softwares namely,  plus GREYcells Accounts for manufacturing units, GREYcells instograf, GREYcells Speedsheet and GREYcells Independence.

I have dramatised Catch-22, the famous novel by Joseph Heller, which is available on my homepage. I have also written a book on C and C++ called "C+C++=EC" that too is available on my homepage. I have written a few poems too which are available on my homepage. I also write articles on C# (Pronounced C-sharp) at and

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