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Gift of the Gods: The Art of Wine and Revelry

Created by the ROM, this engaging new exhibition illustrates the continuity between ancient time and modern life through the history of wine production and consumption, and its rich social history through the ages. Wine has played an important role in society since the potential of fermenting the grape was first realized thousands of years ago. Gift of the Gods: The Art of Wine and Revelry explores the far-reaching impact of wine on Western Europe and Canada, beginning with the ancient Greeks, the Romans, and continuing into the 21st century. The myth of Dionysos, the Greek god of wine and ecstasy, and his persistence in art from Antiquity to today, are the major themes weaving together this captivating exhibition of art, decorative objects, winemaking equipment, and accessories.

June 16 to October 21, 2001
Garfield Weston Exhibition Hall, Street Level


The Christopher Ondaatje South Asian Gallery

A new permanent gallery, located in the Museum's main floor suite of Asian galleries. This new gallery presents artifacts from the ROM's collections from South Asia including wall relief panels, religious sculpture, illuminated manuscripts, textiles, arms and armour, jewelry and richly ornamented decorative arts. Canada's first permanent South Asian gallery, its innovative design and display techniques express the unity and diversity of this unique region.

Opened November 30, 2000, indefinite run.
Christopher Ondaatje South Asian Gallery, Street Level.

The Royal Ontario Museum and the ROM Foundation are grateful to Christopher Ondaatje, C.B.E., O.C., whose generous contribution has made the development of this gallery possible.

The ROM Foundation acknowledges the achievements of the South Asian advisory committee and the support of the South Asian community in establishing a permanent South Asian presence at the ROM.


Growing Cultures

Featuring the work of well-known photographer Vince Pietropaolo, this exhibition is a photographic journey that explores Toronto's diverse multicultural identity through a series of 60 works highlighting gardening traditions from around the world.

May 6 to January 6, 2002
Heritage Gallery of Canada's Peoples, Level 1B (One Below)