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Ahoy, Everywhere But USA! 

By J.V.Ravichandran

Of delirium and IT jobs and whether delirium is caused by fever or by economic factors in USA !


IT jobs are the most prestigious and sought after jobs in India. Young men and women vie for an IT job abroad, at whatever cost. Hundreds of thousands are spent on IT education. Lakhs of applications are posted every day. Thousands of consultants crop up every day only to disappear after a few months, during which time the real hardships of the IT industry become known to the aspiring consultant, who finds out that all is not as rosy as it seemed. Thousands jump into the IT industry from unrelated professions and disciplines like commerce, marketing and even textile engineering. The lure of money, of dollars, is irresistible. No matter how difficult C or C++ or Java may seem to an aspiring job seeker, he is willing to take the risk by putting in extra effort through night tuition and live projects. 

When a student enrols into NIIT or any institution for a computer course, the goal is set. Ahoy, USA! And so promising seems an IT career that it appears to be only a matter of a few thousands, as initial investment for the parents, with assured dividends in multiples of the investment within a matter of two or three years. Loans become a byword for parents and financial institutions have a field day lending out money with great zeal. But no one had anticipated the calamity that has befallen the great country of opportunity. 

All of a sudden NIIT, which promised a whopping 2 million jobs every year, began advertising in terms of a few thousand likely IT related jobs. Thousands of IT professionals were left with their jaws hanging open when they woke up, one fine morning, to read on the front page, that thousands were being thrown out of their jobs in USA and H1-B's were being issued with lots of caution and although government figures maintained that over 100,000 new H1-B visas would be issued and Mr. Bill Clinton had opened the IT doors of USA forever for Indian IT professionals, the joy was gone for the Indian job seeker. For, now, reality had imposed itself over statistics. 

And on the professional front, every professional who had got an INS number and was waiting for his or her H1-B visa, is suddenly faced with the prospect of having to look for a job all over again but this time in a different, geographical location of the globe. Frantic calls were made to different embassies to find out about which country was offering jobs and what were the prospects. Germany, Japan and UK were targeted with Australia and Singapore thrown in as additional backups, just in case! Rumours and friendly gatherings increased and word was now almost in every household about the prospects of the IT industry. Such has been the impact of the economic recession in USA in India! 

Unable to express their concern over their career prospects due to the economic recession in USA, students and fresh professionals have begun to question Java as a language and whether C# would become a potential rival and eliminator of Java! NIIT now sings a new jargon - ahoy USA with C#, the only language worth your while or my while, for that matter! So, everything now depends for the Indian IT job seeker, on the success of the .NET platform of Microsoft coz NIIT says so! And so parents, now, want their child to do C# as only "C# is the language of the future and USA is all agog with C# only". "Look at what NIIT says, we want our child to do well in life which is why we want our child to join NIIT!". 

But what of the professionals who had been waiting for a H-1B visa? Look into the German embassy or the Japanese cultural centres. They are busy, with their heads down, poring over Japanese textbooks, as they have found out that spoken knowledge of the native language will definitely get them a job in Japan! Delirium, almost, but naturally, in a naturally, illogical country!

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J.V.Ravichandran introduces himself: I am 34 years of age and live in New Delhi, India, and shortly moving to New Jersey, USA. I am a software developer, dramatist, poet, artistic director (I have directed 4 English plays). I have developed 4 computer games plus some business softwares namely, GREYcells Ludo, GREYcells Bricks, GREYcells Tic-Tac-Toe and GREYcells Brainvita plus GREYcells Accounts for manufacturing units, GREYcells instograf, GREYcells Speedsheet, GREYcells Independence and eDove.

I have dramatised Catch-22, the famous novel by Joseph Heller, which is available on my homepage. I have also written a book on C and C++ called "C+C++=EC" that too is available on my homepage. I have written a few poems too which are available on my homepage.

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