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December 2001

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The Second Phase

of the black sheep and how it stole the wool from the lamb, and whether all the snow in the Himalayas can ever turn its wool into white !


By J.V.Ravichandran




Promises are for kids. In the world of politics, promises are more often made than you can say "Uncle"! Similar to situations in films, demanding different treatment each time,  politics, too, brews the same broth, declares the maverick, but hope is like the sunflower, forever reaching out for that promising promise and promises, hence, are believed as often as they are made !


As soon as Osama bin Laden is caught, the first phase of America's War against terror, as envisaged by America, will end and the second phase, dealing with terrorism in Kashmir, will begin. Or will it ?


Pakistan is America's long standing ally. The second phase, due to its very nature, will irk Pakistan. But, not going into the second phase may prove fatal for America as this may irk the ire of world opinion and India,  America's new-found, natural (?!) ally ! India has been crying hoarse, for over a decade, about Pakistan-sponsored terrorism in the Kashmir valley and not keeping with the promise, may deal the first dent to the new-found, Indo-US relationship. India has, also, been accusing Pakistan of engaging it in proxy wars with the hope of deterring its progress while Pakistan has, with equal force, been denying the allegations. America, with its "None-other-than-thou, I-vow" kind of relationship with Pakistan may just churn the mud in the region, if the second phase is left out.


The second phase has, also, another important role to play in the coming few months, in deciding the fate of peace in the subcontinent - having understood the implications, will vested interests allow the end of the first phase ? In clearer terms, the first phase of the war will end only if bin Laden is caught; so, will Pakistan allow bin Laden to be caught ? None stands to lose more than Pakistan if bin Laden is caught as, it will mean the beginning of the second phase and, the end of Pakistan's stake in Kashmir, forever. All this, of course, is applicable, only if America goes about the second phase with the same objectivity and vigour as demonstrated in the first.


India, since the days of Tashkent and the Simla agreement, had always been influenced by the erstwhile Soviet thinking, and the cold war had only helped cement the distant suspicion of the United States' policies in the region. But, of late, thanks to the growth of softwares, the economic liberalisation and the popularity of Microsoft's pirated products in India, India has begun to see things in a different manner. Microsoft - one must digress here in favour of the software giant, has contributed greatly to the improved Indo-US relations; both, in terms of creating computer awareness in India, gauged by their popularity and the easy availability of Microsoft products (which are pirated heavily !) in India, as well as, in terms of developing a liking among the Indian psyche for the Americans' quality consciousness. Pakistan, for its part, since its drubbing in the hands of India in 1971, has basked like a maiden in the flush of pre-nuptial bliss, under the opportunistic policies of America.


Pakistan pesters the world community with constant, unwanted references to Kashmir while India vies for the respect of the same community by maintaining stolid silences for most of the part. But, the winner has been the one who shouted the loudest; the black sheep bawed and bleated till Himalayas resounded with the noise and to what good effect ! America has granted it billions of dollars as reward for good behaviour during the war ! First time, it must be, in history, that a nation has rewarded another !


All said and done, Pakistan is richer by billions and India, as ever, prides itself that it has earned the respect of the world. From India's perspective a "no-money-grant-for-Pakistan" would have been a ruling in India's favour, because Pakistan has, for long, been sucking India's resources through proxy wars, in the Siachen as well as in the plains, to the tune of a million dollars a day (totalling to some 800 billion dollars till date !), thus putting an effective plug in India's development process. And, any form of favour to Pakistan by the world must be seen as a defeat of India's campaign in the run-up for the recently concluded UN summit.


The end result, since the September 11 developments, is that, a country which had no business, ever, in Kashmir, has gained the superpower's favour, against all odds ! India must refurbish its strategy, in  the Indo-US area, to avoid mistakes of the same nature, in future.


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