August 2001

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Vol. I Number 2

More than news & views -­ A complete source for South Asians

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Welcome to 
South Asian Outlook!

Suresh Jaura

Welcome to the second issue of the South Asian Outlook e-Monthly.

We provide you more than News & Views. We endevour to provide you a complete source of online information about South Asians in South Asian countries, and all over the world.

South Asian Outlook is a GlobalomNet Media publication. 

GlobalomNet Media is a worldwide communication network. 

We provide a forum for dialogue amongst South Asians, about issues that affect them, concerns they have about their root countries and the countries they have settled in, and about South Asians in other parts of the world.

The achievements of South Asians in fields of arts and culture, social, political and business fields will be highlighted. Non-South Asians who have contributed to the dissemination of information through print and broadcast – Radio and TV – media will also be included.

We DO NOT CHOOSE the news that you read but provide you links to all the available sources of news – daily newspapers and periodicals – to enable you read what YOU WISH TO READ.

South Asian Outlook is a 24-7-365 source – accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

You do not have to go anywhere to get it or have it delivered. It is accessible to anyone, anywhere, who has a computer and Internet connection. You do not need a password to read or download.

To make this a success, we welcome your input. Please feel free to send in your contributions – including but not limited to, articles, news reports, and news about events happening around you.

We request your cooperation to make it known all over the world by letting your friends, colleagues and email contacts know about us.

Please feel free to share your ideas with us to make it an interesting  “publication”.

 - Suresh Jaura
Publisher & Managing Editor